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Let's Talk Transportation Options!

Transportation options title

Trivia Time:

These days, more Minnesotans cannot, or choose not to, drive or own cars.

An elderly pedestrian walking in an urban area

But they still need to go to all the places that everyone else can.

The number of transportation options can depend on where you live.

Illustrated comparison of a small house and a tall apartment building

In some places, there are many options for transit:

A person pointing to a collection of transportation modes including walking, bus, taxi, bike, train, and car

car sharing, taxis, biking and walking.

In other places, travel options are more limited.

A single car on a rural road

Also, people who now have to drive everywhere might like more options, too.

A scene showing people biking, running, driving, and taking the bus

Looking Ahead

What should transportation options look like in Minnesota in the future?