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Let's Talk Aging Infrastructure!

Aging Infrastructure title

Trivia Time:

A transportation system has many constructed parts.

A connected highway system outside a city

These parts are known as infrastructure.

Infrastructure needs maintenance to remain safe,

Construction workers using a jackhammer on a road

and the older it gets, the more maintenance it needs.

Lately, there's not enough money to keep up with repairs.

A single coin being dropped into an open hand

This means more potholes, rough roads, rusty bridges, broken down buses, cracked sidewalks, and bumpy bike lanes.

A bus driving on a bridge over a very cracked road

Most of Minnesota's highways were built 60 to 70 years ago...

Two highway directional signs

and roads usually need to be fully reconstructed about every 50 years.

Bridges were built to last at least 50 years. Now, older bridges need repairs!

A rural metal bridge beginning to rust

Many roads completely lack bike and pedestrian infrastructure

Person struggling to ride their bike on a very bumpy path

and many more are substandard.

Maintaining infrastructure is an important part of keeping Minnesotans safe.

Pedestrians and vehicles moving freely on a street

Looking Ahead

What should Minnesota do to keep our transportation infrastructure in good repair for the future?