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Let's Talk Safety!

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Car crashes can change peoples' lives forever.

A person laying flowers on a cemetary plot

Every year in MN, there are thousands of crashes, resulting in about 350 deaths.

Larger vehicles and crash avoidance systems have made roads safer for people driving.

Two vehicles in the midst of a car crash

Still, the rates of crashes with death or severe injury for people biking and walking are getting worse.

An injured motorcyclist next to their damaged motorcycle

The same is true for motorcyclists.

Drinking, drug use, cell phone distractions, and speeding are the top causes of crashes.

A driver using their cellphone while driving and ignoring a pedestrian

However, roadway design can have a huge impact on safety.

A roundabout intersection design

MnDOT is making roads safer with better curves, intersections, and roundabouts.

This helped reduce total crashes in MN by 24% during the past four decades.

A car driving safely past a hospital

Sadly, this trend has slowed during the past decade with total crashes increasing and motorist deaths declining at a much slower rate.

Person looking concerned and pointing at a chart

Most transportation crashes are preventable. We can all do our part to make roads safer.

Person looking hopeful while buckling their seatbelt

Looking Ahead

What would help make transportation safer for you and your family?