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Let's Talk Equity!

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Before We Begin:

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Trivia Time:

Policy, design and operations in things like housing and transportation have led to inequalities for indigenous people and people of color.

A person sitting on a hill and looking out at their community

For example, construction of interstates in the 1950s displaced homes, businesses, and churches

Raised highway section being built over a house

and reduced housing in these areas.

This mostly took place in communities where loans were denied or housing was restricted by deed, leading to much lower property values.

A Black hand receiving a loan request form that has been denied

This disproportionaltely affected POC.

Favoring highway development over public transport lasted for years.

Workers building a house very far from the city

This encouraged housing development further from key destinations, fostering segregation and income inequality.

Language barriers, lack of info, and limited opportunities make it difficult for everyone to participate, or to understand its impacts.

Five faceless people in suits

Meaning there is little representation in planning and decision making.

Not to mention severe health risks of living near busy roads, bus terminals and noisy airports.

A person in hijab coughing due to transportation pollution

91% of communities of color and indigenous communities suffer from air pollution above risk guidelines.

And, transportation can also support the health of people, the environment, and the economy.

View of a small downtown area

Transportation equity ensures the benefits and burdens of transportation spending, services, and systems are fair, which historically have not been fair, and people (especially black, indigenous, and people of color) are empowered in transportation decision making.

Arms and hands with different skin tones coming together to form a circle