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Let's Talk Economy and Employment!

Economy and employment title

Trivia Time:

Transportation makes our economy go!

A person excitedly riding a bus

It's a part of how people get to work, shop, visit the doctor and much more.

Businesses of all kinds depend on reliable transportation

Scene showing a plane, a cargo ship, a truck, a small car, and a bicycle

for their workers, customers and the movement of goods.

Qualified workers aren't always easy to come by

A store owner posting a help wanted sign in their window

and estimates predict a work shortage of 239,000 people by 2022.

We need dependable transportation!

Bus passengers in a crowded bus

Not only to attract workers, but to help employed people keep their jobs.

Everybody shares the cost of transportation.

Three people holding up a large dollar sign

Car and truck drivers pay fuel taxes, vehicle registration and sales tax.

There are taxes and fees paid by air, waterway and rail transports as well.

A bus rider using their fare card while boarding

And even bus riders pay a fare.

With so many jobs and businesses depending on transportation, it needs to be afforable, safe and convenient for everyone!

A bike rider going past a bus and a light rail train

Looking Ahead

How can transportation better serve workers and businesses better in Minnesota?