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Let's Talk Climate Change!

Climate change title

Trivia Time:

Climate Change is already happening in Minnesota,

A person looking confused about weather and temperature changes

Bringing Higher Temperatures and Unpredictable Precipitation.

Responding to climate change involves two key actions:

Stylized text introducing the words mitigation and adaptation

Mitigation involves reducing emissions to slow climate change,

Two people enjoying a bike ride

And adaptation involves adapting to the effects of climate change that are already happening and can't be avoided.

A roadway with many cracks in need of repair

By doing both of these things, we can help protect the health and safety of our beautiful state for many years to come.

A natural forest landscape shwoing a deer walking toward a clear lake

Looking Ahead

What do you think cleaner transportation looks like in Minnesota?

How do you think we can make it easier to bike, walk, or use transit especially for short trips?

What changes to transportation could help you drive less?