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Telework and E-Commerce

The effects of COVID-19 on the way we work, shop and live are hard to overstate. Many daily activities have moved online, and the exchange of goods and ideas can occur with one click. The concept of working from home went from being a trendy perk provided by a few employers to a national shift and for some employers, a permanent practice. The work from home trend does vary, however, based on job type and other socioeconomic factors. Online shopping or e-commerce continues to grow and affect how people buy goods. These changes have implications for greenhouse gases, infrastructure demand and financing, safety and cyber security. Due to more options available for online shopping, delivery trucks and couriers are taking more and more trips. This shift in use and record-setting demand for convenient deliveries affects congestion, the environment and presents safety concerns for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Percentage of workers working from home or in their workplace Nationwide.1

Chart showing percentage of workers who worked from home versus worked in the workplace from 2015-2020

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