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What categories make up the MnSHIP investment?

The total MnSHIP investment is allocated into thirteen categories that make up five key groups of highway investment areas. Through the planning process, it will be determined how much investment will be directed toward each category.

A range of potential investment amounts, also referred to as ‘performance levels’ are identified in each of the folios below. Through the MnSHIP process, a combination of different performance levels have been combined into plausible investment approaches to help stakeholders and decision-makers understand outcomes, risks, and system investment strategies at projected revenues.

For more information on each investment category, check on the links below!

Asset Management
Traveler Safety
Critical Connections
Transportation in Context
Pavement condition Traveler safety
Twin Cities mobility Regional and community improvement priorities Project Delivery
Bridge condition
Greater Minnesota mobility Small programs
(historic properties and other)
Roadside infrastructure condition
(drainage, lighting, etc.)

Bicycle infrastructure
Jurisdictional transfer
(transferring ownership)

Accessible pedestrian infrastructure
(rest areas and weigh stations)

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